Born in Wigtownshire, South West Scotland, I grew up drawing the faces of my large and extended family. The impulse to create has been lifelong, I currently live in the beautiful harbour town of Kirkcudbright, painting in a large studio in the High St, whilst running my popular workshops and classes.

My figurative works evolve – I have an idea in my head before I start but the subject takes over during the process. I add…..I take away….I tussle…then let it flow….a story unfolds. Portrait commissions are welcomed.

On the other hand, my still life paintings are carefully orchestrated – I choose the flowers, the fruit, the glassware, the fabrics….and most importantly of all, the lighting. I have a clear vision of what I want to create.

I am also enjoying working on paper with inks and charcoal, gradually using larger and larger sheets of paper. I am experimenting with these mediums , drawing and painting hares...I just adore their lean bodies and angular faces. I try not to let them look cute, though some cutsy ones do appear...I plan a Xmas card or two with these ones!

I always use a limited palette, whenever I paint. I love mixing colours and encourage all who study with me, to do the same.

I moved into my large ground floor studio, just after Xmas 2017....I love the light and the space! My students love it too. I run weekly drawing and painting classes Sep - Mar and have one day summer workshops in the summer months. See my WORKSHOP & CLASSES page for details